Our competencies

  • Starting with a preliminary idea or under the customer’s specifications, we make a first proposal that allows designing the product according to the original idea
  • Supporting the customer in the custom design of hardware and software
  • Comprehensive Lifecycle Support
  • Multi-Disciplined Engineering Teams
  • Fast manufacturing of prototypes aimed at obtaining short deadlines in the product development and validation phases
  • Test engineering: Test in circuit, Burn-in, Functional test
  • Single Source for Engineered Products & Solutions 



We have developed a significant experience in communication protocol design under SPI, UART, I2C (multimaster), LIN, IR among the most important.


Motor Control

We are also specialists in motor control techniques using low-cost drivers for ACIM (single-phase or three-phase), PMSM, BLDC and DC motors, having experience also in designing motor specifications. The topologies we are more familiar with are: phase control, three-phase inverter, DC chopper.



Green Power

Another important sector of our engineering expertise is the development of electronics for battery and hybrid products. We are capable of developing not only the electronics, but also the pack of batteries, including the BMS and the battery charger.




We have a deep expertise integrating electronic designs with mechanical parts, the so said 'mechatronics', including mechanical 3D CAD (Solidworks).



Embedded computer

In the last years we have also acquired some expertise in the development of solutions based on embedded circuits (Qseven and EXM32), including TFT driving, Ethernet, USB, wireless communications, GPS, GSM/GPRS. We are also skilled in developing electronic (hardware and software) applications based on Linux or Windows CE operating systems.



Also starring

Design of user's interactive machine, such as Kiosks, ATM, ticketing, Industrial Computers, Banknotes scanners, sport betting or slot machines where we can find solutions based on modular systems (code readers, magnetic or contactless card readers, etc.) with STN Graphic display, Alphanumeric LCD displays, LCD Monitors, Touch Sensors.



Software Skills

Our team has a good knowledge of C and Assembly languages for microcontrollers. We have a huge experience and knowledge in communication routines, self-programming libraries, user's interface routines (LCD, Led 7-segments, etc.), analog signal measurement as thermocouples RTD, NTC, pressure sensors, strain gauges, hall sensor, voltage and currents sensing devices, PID regulation algorithms with digital sampling, PWM, phase control, self-testing routines and software encryption routines.

Other important skills are in visual languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C#, QT, Java, XML/XSLT, LabVIEW and TestStand among others. For many of our project we have designed PC applications to interacting, firmware programming, data log and software parametrization.



Safety Regulations

We have developed a good experience in designing class B applications and getting them VDE approved, according to software and hardware International Safety Standards (f.i. 60335 and 60730).



The 360 Degrees Engineering Offer

Our engineering capabilities cover all the process from initial specifications, hardware and PCB design (Altium, CadStar), software development, prototype assembly and testing and product industrialization, including production tools and test equipment.




We produce our own designs and build-to-print's.

Nr. 2 SMD assembling lines (50k cmp./h)

Nr. 2 wave soldering lines (with and without lead)

Standard in circuit tester

Functional tester

Display tester



Possible Near Future

Green Energy - Solar microinverter

Home automation

Sustainable Mobility

Induction cooking/heating

FOC - Field Oriented Control

M2M applications

Security applications


Some of our Designs                                Main Current Projects

Three-phase induction motor driver for blowers

Quadratic V/F profile to reach torque requirements. Continuous speed variation possible. Silent operation, ultrasonic PWM Voltage stabilization from 180 to 264VAC. Current and Power monitoring. Load adaptation in 16 steps. Harmonic current filter coil included. Customizable User interface Light driver (optional dimmer function). Total stand-by consumption less than 0,5W. Up to 70 percent energy saving compared to single-phase motors.

Hibrid vacuum cleaner driver

Custom motor that can be operated from 230V mains or from a 86V Li-ion battery. Automatic switch between battery and mains operation when cable is plugged/unplugged. AC mode 1700W max power. Speed regulation by phase control with a triac DC mode. 500W max power. Speed regulation by PWM with a MOSFET MOSFET and triac shortcircuit Battery charge level control and overheating prevention. Charging time: 3 hours.

Washing machine driver

Multiple Aesthetic configuration. Parametrizable Control. Washer or Washer&Dryer combination AC (single-phase or three-phase) and DC motors. InfraRed/wireless programming capability (manufacturing flexibility). Instantaneous Door Lock control (Class B software certified).

Oven control

Parametrizable Contro.l Five 10A relays 10A, four 16A relays with zero current crossing. One relay with triac for peak firing on inductive load. One low power triac. Four digital LED output. Four high voltage inputs. Two analog inputs from user interface. One PT1000 input. PID algorithm to control internal temperature. Extended temperature range from 0 to 85 degrees Celsius. Communications: RS232 and IIC.

Media platform

Qseven based Carrier Board.

10.4 inches TFT with LVDS interface.

Secondary HDMI port for external TFT.

Dimmable backlight.

Customized external control with added microcontroller for customer personalization purposes.


o interface based on HAD Codec with 1W+1W stereo speaker amplifier.

Bluetooth. Wifi b/g/n bands. SATA for HD mass storage.

RS232 port. RS422 port. CAN port x 2. USB port x 4. Ethernet port 10/100Mbps.

Embedded computer

Providing embedded computer systems based on ARM architecture. Developing a wide range of modules with ARM9,  Cortex A5,  and Cortex A8 processors, that will allow cutting the development time and time to market.

Electrical vehicles

Fides Electronica takes part in the Research of new innovative products that allow using electronic controls incorporated in electrical motors for bicycles. The aim is to incorporate efficient, ecological and competitive pedaling assistance systems in bicycles.


Solutions in the “Internet of Things” area. The growing development of the Information and Communications Technologies makes it possible for increasingly more electronic products to connect to Internet: a vehicle, a washing machine, an oven, connection to web services.

Products Sheets

Fides Embedded Computer
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Fides Embedded Computer
10311_FID_SAMA5D36 SOM_DataSheet_F.pdf
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Fides Embedded Computer
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Fides Embedded Computer
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Nano COM
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Media Platform
Media Platform.pdf
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Internet of Things
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Motor Controller 1 - Electric Vehicle
Motor Controller e-Bike.pdf
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Motor Controller 2 - Electric Vehicle
Motor Controller EV.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [477.1 KB]
Small Electric Motorbikes
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Embedded Computer 1
Embedded Computer User Interface.pdf
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Embedded Computer 2
embedded computer system.pdf
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Washing Control System
Documento Adobe Acrobat [1.2 MB]
Oven Control System
Documento Adobe Acrobat [1.6 MB]
Hybrid Vacuum Control System
Hybrid Vacuum.pdf
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Lawnmower Control System
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Blower Control System / Three-Phase Induction Motor
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Kiosk Control
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Fides core competencies
Core competencies.pdf
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