Quality Policy

The General Management of FIDES ELECTRONICA SL, specifies the Quality Policy of the company through the following declaration and signature; this statement is accessible to all employees by posting on the company's bulletin boards.


Ever since the company was first established, FIDES ELECTRONICA SL has always presented its services in the electronics market based on the principal argument of its professionalism and the quality of its products and services.


The objective of our company’s quality policy is to consolidate this situation, in all cases improving our service and paying attention to meeting the requirements of our customers and complying with current legislation and regulations.


In choosing FIDES ELECTRONICA SL, our customers can rest assured that they will receive a reliable response, from the first contact to the completion of the process.


To offer this reliability, the company considers that the following aspects are of the greatest importance:


  1. Consolidation of our market presence as a supplier of electronic controls.
  2. Introduction of the appropriate technical resources to increase our service capacity.
  3. Increasing the knowledge of our staff, in order to maintain and extend our competitiveness.
  4. Optimisation of the costs in each of our processes, to increase our profitability and efficacy.
  5. Reduction of occupational risks and improvement of working conditions to achieve an excellent work environment.
  6. Reduction in the impact of our processes on the environment and the prevention of environmental pollution.
  7. Ongoing analysis of the processes and management system, in reference to indicators, and the application of concepts and tools based on continuous improvement.


The Quality System has been developed under my supervision and has my full support. All the details of the policies, procedures and practical aspects are set out in a simple and dynamic way in the Quality Manual, the Procedures Manual and the work instructions.


Although the coordination and execution of the necessary Quality management actions have been assigned to the responsible person, the ultimate responsibility for achieving it rests with me. For this reason, I guarantee the necessary human, technical and economic resources to achieve them.


Should any problems or differences of opinion arise which cannot be settled in accordance with this Manual, they will be presented to me for the purpose of resolving them.




Maurizio de Lucia


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