Supplier Evaluation Policy - Criteria



Appreciated Supplier,
Our Quality Management System establishes the need to evaluate and select the suppliers based on their ability to comply with established commercial commitments. Consequently, we inform you that your performance will be evaluated based on the orders received, taking into account the following criteria:


• Technicians: compliance with the delivery deadline, incidents and technical capacity.
• Commercial and economic: price in relation to the competition and payment terms.
• Business: trajectory as a supplier, ease of understanding and billing volume.

 ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification


An analysis of the anomalies that may occur will be carried out and, if the incident requires it, the Non-Conformity will be communicated for correction. These Non-Conformities will lead to a negative assessment by our Quality and Purchasing Departments. In case of repeated Non-Conformities, or a deficient annual qualification, FIDES ELECTRÓNICA, SL will contact the supplier to request possible actions to correct the problems detected, being able to reach the de-homologation of the supplier.



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